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6 WordPress Best Plugins for Perfect SEO Setup


Hello, friends, I’m Muhammad Shakeel Mirza and I’m going to cover some WordPress best plugins that make your website skyrocket.

WordPress is a very easy platform for any person to create a website with ease. So that even those who are not web developers or not so technical know-how, they can create their website on WordPress.

Google considers all of these factors to rank any website.

  1. User Experience
  2. Website Speed
  3. Mobile-Friendliness
  4. On-page SEO
  5. Structured Markup
  6. Internal Linking

All the factor impacts your website ranking and a lot more. 200 factors google include to rank your website. Today we’re going to talk about WordPress best plugins for perfect SEO set up in websites built on WordPress that can greatly improve your website’s speed and ranking.  

Plugin 1: W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache, WordPress Best cache Plugins

W3 Total Cache greatly improves the performance of your website server. It closely examines every aspect of your website. Specifically, your website’s loading speed is greatly enhanced. And with the CDN network the ability to load your web site in milliseconds.

As we all know now, Google has made website speed a major ranking factor. Because if your website’s loading speed is not good, then Google will never provide you a good ranking and google will penalize you for it.
Click here to download the WordPress best cache plugins.

Plugin 2: Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush Image Compression & Optimization, WordPress Plugin for images compression

Whenever you create a website on WordPress, blogs are a must. Inside the blog, you use the most images. Smush Image Compression & Optimization plugin helps you to optimize and compress these images.

The biggest benefit of this plugin is that it doesn’t damage the quality of our images and maintains their pixels and images don’t look fuzzy and low quality. So, whenever someone visits your website or blog, these images are handily loaded.

Plugin 3: Yoast SEO for WordPress

Yoast SEO for WordPress, WordPress  Plugin for SEO

Yoast SEO is a widely used WordPress CMS plugin. It is controlling our meta tags, title tags, and even analyzing our content either we are doing a good job or a bad job.  It also creates sitemaps and structure markups. Even it does most of the things that ensure our blog is SEO friendly.

And one of the major reasons for its popularity is that it is so easy to use for even a non-techy person. Whether you’re running your own professional website or you’re a blog writer, Yoast SEO helps you to make your website or blog SEO friendly. It also gives you tips on what is wrong with your site and how it can be improved.

Click here to download the best WordPress plugins for SEO.

Plugin 4: Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

WordPress Best Plugin for security

If your website gets hacked, it can also cause you to lose your ranking and traffic. Sucuri Security helps you in this case and protects your website from being hacked. As if it’s not a perfect solution but it is better than nothing.

So, make sure to use this Sucuri Security plugin to prevent your own website from being hacked. Because even if your website gets hacked, Sucuri helps you to recover your website as well as keep your normal traffic flowing.

Plugin 5: AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, WordPress Plugin

AMP is vital because it helps to load websites faster. AMP can improve usage and influence the audience to interact with your content on your website. The reason is clear: faster loading times lead to better interaction, which decreases bounce rates and advances mobile ranking. So, we can say that it is a 5th WordPress best plugin for perfect SEO.

Plugin 6: a3 Lazy Load

a3 Lazy Load, WordPress Plugin for images

 a3 Lazy Load is the most comprehensive and extremely easy to use a WordPress plugin. Use the plugin management settings to easily identify slow loading items and when they are visible in the user’s browser. When a user scrolls to the bottom of the page, many of the items you’ve applied slow loading are only loaded when they are visible in the viewport.

Hence, we suggest using this one of the WordPress best plugins for your website to greatly enhance the loading images

Summary for WordPress best plugins for perfect SEO

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization
  3. Yoast SEO for WordPress
  4. Sucuri Security – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening
  5. AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
  6. a3 Lazy Load

So, which of the plugin did I mention most excited you? Is there any other plugin that should have been included in the list? Let me know in the comments section below! You can also check my previous articles:

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So, if you have any questions please feel free to email me — always happy to help. You can also find me on InstagramLinkedIn.

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