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Essential Guide To GIT for beginners

Git for beginners guide for Junior Developers

If you are looking to version control system. Then Git is on top of the list. Git is the most modern and popular version control system. If you understand it. You can easily feel comfortable with others. But if you are still confused about VCS. Then do not worry. Here my tutorial on “Git for beginners guide”.

What is Version Control System(VCS)?

Undoubtedly, the first question that will rise you in mind be what is the Version Control System?. A bit wait, I am going to explain every basic concept step by step by in this Git for beginners guide.

Version Control Systems are a type of software that makes it possible to track every change to the code of the project. VCS not only keep tracking changes, but it also enables team collaboration on the same project, while remains in different location or system. I think, its enough as a beginner. Let’s move to the next concept.😉😎 So the next question might be like.. what is Git itself?

What is Git?

hmm, what is Git? Did not we discuss Version Control System? Git is a version control system. As we discussed above. The version control system can track modification in program files and help to coordinate and contribute to the same program files. It’s a distributed Version Control System. So it does not necessarily any central Server to backup all the versions of the program files. Rather, Everyone can make its own branches, and clone on the local system. While keep tracking the full history of their own clone. Finally, the clone can marge with the master repository without any conflict. I understood you are wondering about the word Repository. Really are you wondering about it?🤔 O let’s discuss it.

What is a Repository?

Believe me. The repository is nothing. It’s just like a folder contains the source code. But do not be confused, its also known as Repo.

End of the Beginning.

Are you thinking, it enough about Git? No, man.! yes, it was Git for a beginner guide but part-One. There is a lot of concepts and hands-on commands are coming in our next parts. So it was the end of the beginning, not the end of the Git for beginner guide.😜

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