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Tips For Google Search Indexing

Some Useful Tips For Google Search Indexing

Useful Websites Helps

First of all, Google tells you to create a Useful information-rich website and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content. Have your good content written inside which is useful for people. People like to come to your website and it has some motive behind it. It is really helpful for google search indexing.

Words Users Would Type on Google Search Engine

Think about the words user type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it. If your website is not used by keywords, it can be frustrating for Google to understand what your website is all about. So, must use proper keywords for better google indexing and better user experience.

Title Elements and Alt Attributes

Another useful tip for google indexing is to ensure that your <title> elements and Alt attributes are specific and accurate. In short, Google is trying to say that you have to focus on your on-page SEO.

you need to search the keywords that usually people search on Google on a daily basis for that purpose you can use google keyword planner which is a tool for searching the best keyboards.

Alt Attributes help google crawler to understand the content of images so it is very essential to use proper image alt attributes to help google to understand.

Clear Hierarchy for Google Indexing

Design your site to have a clear conceptual page hierarchy to support google indexing policy. Google says that the hierarchy of your website must be perfectly clear. hierarchy means that the entire website structure supports SEO. There are properly organized pages, like your website must-have home, services, portfolio, and other useful and properly defined pages.

if your website is not fully configured hierarchy, Google crawler will have trouble crawl your website and won’t be able to easily navigate from page to page. Due to this Google is can down your website ranking.

if you have planned to develop your website then we suggest you use WordPress or Magento CMS, because both CMS has the capability to organize a proper website hierarchy.

Make Sure Web Pages are Crawlable For Google Crawler

Google gives us another tip that whatever CMS you are using, make sure that it doesn’t block Google to crawl your website. Some CMS who completely block Google to crawl websites. So, google unable to index those websites. 

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