Presenting Logo to the client is an art let’s explore this in-depth.

Pirate-Malt-Logo presentation

Tell A Story

An excellent logo demonstration should be choked full of meanings, both openly and unseen. Individual elements of the design comprised should also stand for a company’s worth or brand identity.

Behave Naturally

Publicly speaking is one of the top fears in people have, and since presenting is a method of public speaking, it is no surprise that for some people, nervousness can take over to evade this focus on the points you feel powerfully about.

Look Professional

As part of the logo demonstration: include a disparity of what the logo might look like in grayscale and in colour. offer different size variation to demonstrates capability and present them with multiple unique choices don’t just do 10 variations on the same logo.

Be Patient

when a client wants to change the designs you have created, remember it’s not your worth as a person they’re changing, it’s the design. don’t get offended or defensive easily if they push back during the logo presentation.

Customer in Mind

your logo should effortlessly an immediately connect with your customer at first glance. just by merely establishing that connection could already do wonders for your business. it may be somewhat hard and exhausting at times but leaving at the perfect logo to represent your brand is well worth it, especially over time.

Colour Combination

Naturally, it is essential to consider colours that go well together but What’s more relevant is to choose the hue that best reflects your brand’s message in a way that would appeal to your customers.

Be Positive

Positivity can go a long way. it instills trust in you and your team, and it helps build credibility for your business and the quality of work that you do. if the idea you present is not receiving as much positive acclaim as you had imagined don’t become overly defensive.


keep it simple stupid (KISS) is a design principle which states that designs and/or systems should be as simple as possible. wherever possible complexity should be avoided in a system as simplicity guarantees the greatest levels of user acceptance and interaction.

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