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Upcoming 10 UI UX Design Trends for 2023

Innovation is coming into the design industry every year. Hence, it is important for designers to keep themselves fully updated with UI UX Design trends and constantly improve their work and ensure the use of the latest toolkits. So, they are in line with modern requirements.

So, based on my research, experiences, and observations, I have carefully selected the latest 10 UI UX design trends that you must see and read in 2020.

Animated Illustrations

Animated Illustrations
Animated Illustrations

The illustrations as very popular design elements. It gives natural feeling and “human touch” of the overall user experience of our products.

The animated illustrations are a very strong attention grabber. Because with animated illustrations, we can give life to our products and make them stand out, adding additional details and personality.


In digital products, microinteractions design interactions are widely present in every application or website. Microinteractions are perfect to demonstrate that small details can dramatically improve the overall user experience of a digital product.

Each year, each new device provides new opportunities to create new and innovative micro-interactions. 2020 will definitely not be an exception.

3D Graphics on the Web and Mobile User Interface

UI/UX design for a Mobile Application
UI/UX design for a Mobile Application

As mobile and web technology is growing very fast. The new capabilities of the web browser have opened the door to 3D graphics. Because it allows a designer to create and implement stunning 3D graphics in modern web and mobile interfaces.

Therefore, in 2020, more than that, brands will use 3D rendering models to deliver a product or service to simulate a real-time shopping experience.

Virtual Reality

The gaming industry often brings innovative and new technologies to the digital product market. Research shows that Virtual reality (VR) is no exception because, after Oculus Quest in the 2019 launch, many opportunities were opened up for other industries.

And Sony and Microsoft will be launching next-generation control panels in the 2020 holiday season, and this word provides many opportunities and spaces for VR technology to grow.

Motion and Complex Illustrations 

Due limitations of 4G using motion effects was a problem as it killed our website ranking and our web page loading speed. But as with the advancement of technology and with the arrival of 5th generation internet (5G) we are free to customize our products without any issues or hindrance.

Motion Can Engage Better Than Words.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Application
Augmented Reality Application

The world’s leading technology companies are investing millions in the development of augmented reality that clearly anticipates that virtual reality technology will appear in 2020. Hence, there are countless opportunities for creativity and innovation in the field of augmented reality (AR).

The design of the AR user interface will be one of the core trends in 2020, so the designer must be ready and enthusiastic to learn new tools and principles when producing AR experiences.


Skeuomorphic design refers to design elements that are really created to match realistic objects. The new Skeuomorphic also called the Neumorphism, which is a very detailed and accurate design style. Highlights, shadows, glows, etc.

In general, attention to detail is definitely not the case. Neumorphism inspired many designers and a big change will be the biggest UI UX design trend for user interface design in the year 2020.

Asymmetrical Layout

proper uses of the asymmetrical layout at a lot of character, dynamic and personality to our design. there is a lot of room for creativity as the number of options and opportunities when creating an asymmetrical layout and endless.

Therefore, traditional and Temple based layout for definitely going away. in the year 2020, this trend will continue and asymmetrical layout will expand.

Oversize Fonts

The use of huge oversize fonts can create a big impact on a product. The year 2020 is the year of minimalist design and crisp, attention-grabbing headers in bold typography. Please remember the user, watch out for text that distracts from elements guiding the user through the journey.

Asymmetrical Design Layout

Suitable uses for asymmetrical design Layout for several characters, dynamism, and personality of our design. There is enough room for creativity because the number of options and opportunities when creating an asymmetrical design is endless.

Therefore, the traditional temple-based design will definitely disappear. By 2020, this trend will continue and the asymmetric design will raise as the best UI UX design trends.


Storytelling refers to the transfer of data to the user in the best informative and creative way possible. Telling stories could make your brand more memorable. it also makes users feel part of our product or service. So, you would like to partner with them. And that’s why storytelling is the most successful to continue and inflate in 2020.

Summary for 10 UI UX Design Trends for 2020

  1. Animated Illustrations
  2. Microinteractions
  3. 3D Graphics in web and mobile interfaces
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Motion and Complex Illustrations
  6. Augmented Reality
  7. Neumorphism/Skeuomorphism
  8. Oversize Fonts
  9. Asymmetrical Design Layouts
  10. Storytelling

So, which of the trends did I mention most excited you? Is there any other trend that should have been included in the list? Let me know in the comments section below! :) You can also check my previous articles:

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